UNM’s current WCMS system uses XHTML as its standard. To promote consistency XHTML is the recommenced flavor of HTML. All HTML should be well formed and validate against the specified doctype.

XHTML coding rules and syntax

XHTML has a set of rules associated with it that the ensure properly formatted and standard compliant code. These rules are easy to follow once learned but may require some minor changes to your coding practice. While these rules apply to XHTML, it is recommend they are also followed for HTML.

  • There must be a DOCTYPE declaration
  • All tags and attributes must be in lower case
  • All elements must be closed
  • The value assigned to an attribute must be enclosed in quotes
  • No attribute may be minimized
  • All elements must be properly nested
  • XHTML documents must be well-formed

For more information:

HTML5 is being evaluated as our supported HTML flavor. As more browsers support a wider range of HTML5 features and UNM’s browser usage better matches HTML5 browsers we will begin exploring a conversion.