Quality Assurance Testing

Best practices in web development include Quality Assurance Testing (QAT).

Operating systems to test include Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. Depending on the particular web presence, mobile systems in the mix are iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

The extent of testing, considering the combinations of operating systems and browsers, will depend on website complexity and resources available to a particular department or group.

Testing Checklist

  • Browser Support: The recommended browsers should display your website properly.
  • XHTML Coding and Syntax: XHTML markup should pass the W3C Validator.
  • Site Structure: Website files and folders should follow best practices with emphasis on organization and naming convention.
  • Site Design: Website has all of the required design elements with emphasis on the UNM Logo and "The University of New Mexico" title and text.
  • Images, Graphics, and Multimedia: Webpage(s) should meet all the required elements with emphasis on copyright and UNM branding requirements.
  • Accessibility: Webpage(s) should make a reasonable effort to comply with Section 508 Accessibility requirements.
  • Metadata: Webpage(s) must have required meta tags.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Pages and documents should be prepared with SEO in mind.
  • Documents for the Web: Documents uploaded to the web for the purpose of downloading should follow best practices.
  • Domain Name(s): Should reflect relationship with The University of New Mexico and if non-UNM.edu domain have appropriate approval.
  • Copyright Policy: Website and all elements within or accessed by the website or its element should abide by The University of New Mexico's copyright policy.
  • Privacy Policy: Should be used if Website collects data or requires a user to submit data.
  • Advertising Policy: See UNM Advertising Guidelines.
  • Prohibited Content: Website should not host or link to prohibited content.
  • FERPA: Website should follow all applicable FERPA guidelines.

Code Validators

CSS, Mobile, Feed


Link Checker

Markup Validation

W3C Quality Assurance Tools - see this page for additional specific needs

Testing Tools

  • Web Developer Tools bars are available for most popular browsers as a downloadable plug-in, if not already "built-in." Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (de-bugger).
  • Utilu IE Collection (v1.7.0.9) available at several sites for download, provides stand-alone versions of Internet Explorer so multiple version may be used at the same time. Only necessary to install 6.0 and above for UNM testing.
  • There is also a Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection (v1.0.3.1) available.
  • Vitual Machines or a computer running multiple Operating Systems and browsers are convenient for conducting tests.
  • Google Analytics - Set up an account at google for your site and the number Google provides can be added to the UNM template for site analytics.
  • crazyegg.com 30-day trial or purchase for website analytics with a few lines of code. Heatmaps help visualize where visitors are clicking on your page/site.