Images, Graphics, and Multimedia

Images & Graphics

The images/graphics on your UNM web site(s) should:

  • Be relevant, professional, optimized for the web, and legal.
  • Adhere to UNM Identity/Branding standards, (
  • Refrain from using clip art or animated GIFs.
  • Make sure you own or have the permission to use any photos for your site. If you are not sure who owns the image or do not have permission to use the image, do not use it.
  • Specify your image size and use the “alt” attribute(the text equivalent) to describe your image in your HTML.
  • Resize your images using image editing software before you upload them. Do not resize images by setting the height and width in your HTML.
  • Do not distort (squish or stretch) your image. All images should maintain their original aspect ratio or be cropped to the desired size.

If you require assistance please refer to the UNM IdentityStandards Guide or contact University Communications and Marketing.

Please make efforts to use the appropriate image types for media:

JPEG - Use JPEG images for photographs and other images that have millions of colors. The JPEG format is not suited to images with text, large blocks of solid color, and simple shapes with crisp edges.

GIF - Use GIF files for images that have a small number of colors. The GIF format is not suitable for photographic images or images with gradient colors.

PNG - PNGs are an alternative to GIFs. They have the added benefit of creating smaller file sizes in most cases. They offer better transparency options, including alpha channel transparency. They can support high color depth. Older browser may have issues with PNG files. However, most modern and recommended browsers can support them.


If you include Flash, video, audio or other media on your site, please provide text alternatives. (i.e. closed captioning)

Flash and Multimedia elements should be used appropriately and not as a means of delivering your website content. Websites created entirely in Flash are discouraged. Websites created in Flash must have text alternatives to ensure the content is available to the widest possible audience. The use of Flash to create navigation is also discouraged; if used, a text alternative is also required.