Web Content Management Update

January 20, 2011 - Matt Carter

I wanted to give a brief update on how things are progressing with UNM's Web Content Management System, Cascade Server.  In August of last year we opened the WCMS Request Queue so that departments could begin requesting to move their websites to the WCMS.  On October 6, 2010 we offered our first official WCMS Training session in the WCMS, followed by our first open lab on November 16th.

We have received requests for 70 websites to be moved into the WCMS.  As of today here is a breakdown of where we are:

22 website are pending.  This means we are waiting for the website owners to complete training or I still need to meet with the website owner to begin setup and migration.

29 website are in progress. These are websites that we have created in the WCMS and completed our initial meetings with the website owners to get them started building the website using Cascade Server. Some of these websites may be publishing small portions of the website at this time.

19 website are publishing.  These are website that are completely managed by the WCMS and are actively publishing to web.

January has been fairly productive as we have moved 6 new website into publishing status and meet with the owners of 9 website to begin their migration.

WCMS classes resume on February 1st and are currently scheduled every month through June. The February class is currently full, but you can get on the wapitis in Learning Central.  Labs are also scheduled every month until June.