University Web Communication Services

February 8, 2011 - Matt Carter

I am very pleased to announce that University Web Communication Services is now taking requests for services.

The purpose of the Web Communication Services group (WebCom) is to provide campus customers with a group of web professionals that can assist with various web needs. Some customers may not have the need for an in-house webmaster or may have needs beyond their staff's abilities. The WebCom group provides professional services to customers at an affordable rate. Having a Web Services team that can provide these services helps eliminate the need for customers to hire costly external consultants while providing a consistent group that is familiar with university web polices, tools, and infrastructure. The WebCom team can handle projects from simple content updates to complete website management.

The goal of Web Services is to provide a centralized resource for University customers to receive professional web services. By functioning as a cost recovery unit we will be able to offer reduced prices as compared to external entities. Additionally, a centralized on campus resource will provide services that are consistent and comply with University web policies and requirements.

To learn more about the services we provide please visit the Services section of our website.