Web Content Management FAQ

What product was select to be used as UNM's Web Content Management System?
Hannon Hill's Cascade Server was selected as UNM's WCMS.
When can we start using the WCMS?
We are currently looking to begin a staged roll out of the WCMS this summer. We will be announcing a request process as we get closer to a production roll out.
How do we request access to use the WCMS?
A request process will be announced as we approach moving the WCMS into production.
How do I do "X" in the WCMS?
Specifics on how to do certain things within the WCMS will be addressed during training.
What kind of training will be offered?
There will be a standardized training class that will be taught to familiarize users with the WCMS. We are also exploring the option of hosting a monthly lab session where WCMS users can come in and work on their site and ask questions.
Will there be a cost to use the WCMS?
There are currently no plans to charge for using the WCMS.
Will I be required to use the CMS?
To meet the branding and accessibility goals of the university, UNM units are strongly encouraged to use the templates in the WCMS. 
Are the UNM Templates required in order to take advantage of the WCMS?
Initially the WCMS will make use of the existing UNM Templates and preference may be given to sites using or switching to the template in the early stages of production migrations. As for long-term requirements on the use of the UNM Template, this is an item that will be on the agenda for the Web Advisory Committee.
How many templates are there to choose from?
During the initial roll out, the plan will be to provide one template with multiple layout options within the template.
Will I be able to use my own styles?
The standard template will include a site specific style sheet that can be used to create your own CSS styles.
Will I be able to use my own javascript?
There will be a means by which you can include your own javacript.
Can I access the WCMS documentation online?
Hannon Hill has most of their documentation publically available online.
Hannon Hill - http://www.hannonhill.com
Cascade Server Documentation - http://www.hannonhill.com/kb/
Will I still be able to use Google Analytics?
Yes, you will still be able to use Google Analytics.
What sort of use metrics does the CMS capture?
The WCMS is a pushed based system. This means you will only edit content via the WCMS and it will then be published to your existing web environment. Metrics and Analytics will be dependent on the use of tools like Google Analytics and log processing to gather usage data.