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Domain Names

Internet addresses, including domain names, are an important part of the UNM web presence. Domain names used for institutional and academic websites should reflect their relationship with the University.


UNM has a legal and marketing interest in the use of its name and associated branding, including the proper use of website domain names. This standard is intended to ensure that domain names used in UNM websites promote UNM, its programs and services.


  1. UNM institutional, academic and personal websites should use UNM.EDU domain names in the form or
  2. Domain names should accurately reflect the department, program or activities to which they refer.
  3. Any UNM entity or individual wishing to use a non-UNM.EDU domain name will need to present the business case for the exception to the UNM Web Advisory Committee. The Web Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending approval or disapproval and relay their decision to the entity or individual who made the request and to IT.


  1. Requesting a new UNM.EDU Domain Name - Main Campus, Branches, etc.
    1. Requested URL for your site or application:
      1. Should be descriptive and not too long, for example
      2. Subject to availability and approval. Please have alternatives in case the requested URL is already in use.
      3. Can not be of the form unless your department already has a DNS zone.
      4. IT reserves the right to assign a URL if necessary.
    2. Administrative Contact Information (must be the same as Department NetID owner)
      1. Name
      2. UNM NetID
      3. UNM Email
      4. UNM Phone
    3. Technical Contact Information (may be different than Department NetID owner)
      1. Name
      2. UNM NetID
      3. UNM Email
      4. UNM Phone
  2. Requesting a new UNM.EDU Domain Name - HSC
    1. The HSC policy regarding UNM.EDU domain names can be found in the HSC Web Development Policy:
    2. Questions may be directed to HSC Web Team.
  3. Requesting a non-UNM.EDU Domain Name
    1. The person making the request should contact the UNM Web Advisory Committee to have their request placed on the agenda for an upcoming meeting.
    2. The person making the request should also prepare a written statement that outlines the specific business case that they believe necessitates a non-UNM.EDU domain name. The request should include the desired domain name.
    3. This written statement should be provided to the UNM Web Advisory Committee one week prior to the date of their meeting with the UNM Web Advisory Committee to allow time for committee members to review the request before the meeting.
    4. If a non-UNM.EDU domain name is approved, the domain name should be purchased and registered with the approved UNM vendor. This allows for better management of the domain names.