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File Management
February 10, 2014

How to Manage a File in Cascade visual representation

Whenever you have a file (a PDF, photo, word document, etc.) that needs to be updated, the best way to manage this is to edit the file in Cascade and re-publish.  Do NOT upload a new file, give i…

Changing the Departmental NetID Password in Cascade
March 25, 2013

Did you recently change your departmental NetID password during the LoboMail switch? Have you been having problems with publishing? Do you click on publish and not see any changes on your site?  

Publishing Your Site
December 13, 2012

How to Publish/Un-publish an Asset

Troubleshooting Publishing Issues

Have you published something and still have not seen any changes on yo…

New Features in Cascade 7
July 11, 2012

Twitter Feed Image

This month we will be updating the WCMS system to version 7 of Cascade Server.

While many of the new features are on the backend and may not be apparent to most users, there are a few new features you…

WCMS Template Region Widths
August 22, 2011

Image of various region widths

Several people have asked how wide each region is in the template.  The question is usually the result of someone needing to size an image to fit in a specific area of the page.  To address …

New Homepage Preview
April 4, 2011

New UNM Homepage

Today we are releasing a preview version of the new UNM homepage. This post will talk about some of the changes on the page and the reasons for the redesign.  Please take some time to explore the…

What's New In The WCMS Template
March 15, 2011

Top Toolbar

When we started recreating the UNM Template in the WCMS we found a few areas where we could make some changes. The idea was to add some more advanced features to the template that would become global …

Add LoboAlerts To Your Website
March 11, 2011

Lobo Alert Demo Banner

With last months weather conditions and multiple alerts about campus status many people have asked how they can add LoboAlerts to their website.  There are many ways this can be done.  In th…

University Web Communication Services
February 8, 2011

I am very pleased to announce that University Web Communication Services is now taking requests for services.

The purpose of the Web Communication Services group (WebCom) is to provide campus customer…